Saturday, September 5, 2009

Daily Harvest- New Seasonings!

From the New York Times I learned that tomato leaves are NOT poisonous, and can be used to enhance fresh tomato flavor in sauce.

While in Chiapas, we ate some amazing barabacoa. We asked the woman who cooked it about what was in it, and one of the things she listed was avacado leaf. "But," she said, "not from a normal avocado tree. It's a special kind with small, black avocados with thin skin. They taste like anise. You've probably never seen this kind of avocado." But we have! That's the kind that hangs over our yard! The leaf adds a lovely, sweet licorice undertone to sauce.

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Jayme said...

Oh! Amazing!!
I'll tell ZDee.
Our garden produced a total of UNO tomato this year!! But I think there are some leaves out there!