Thursday, April 15, 2010

Backyard Birds

A pair of tufted titmice is nesting in our birdhouse. The last two springs we've had chickadees raise families there. The titmice babies hatched a couple of days ago and we hear them peeping, especially right after a parent bird pops into the bird house with a little bug in its beak. What a great present this birdhouse is. Thanks, Mama!

Also, yesterday I three or four cedar waxwings in the avocado tree- a new kind of backyard bird!


smb said...

Titmice? Or titmouses? A pair of titmouse?

Jayme said...

Titmousies, I believe!

Great Fotos!

Jayme said...

How are the tit-mousies doing?!
So full of wonder at teeny Saw Whet owlets & large Great Horned owlets we saw yesterday!