Saturday, September 4, 2010

Daily Lunch

My current favorite meal!
Poached egg on cheese toast with roasted tomato sauce and arugula.

And look at the tiny mellon! It's been too cold for our melons this summer, but we did get a couple.

For the bay area climate we have had some success with the Minnesota Midget Melon, which was introduced to us by our friend Noah.


kathyrice said...

THat looks so good!

Just heard on the radio Seattlites can now keep up to 8 chickens. Do you ever wish you had more than 4?

Jayme said...

Glorious lunch!

Jonathan said...

We have five and they can already be really noisy! We are lucky that our neighbors are so nice!
I heard that Seattle raised the number of chickens and that the city declared this the year of urban agriculture!
I wonder with the new level of excitement about chickens if people will learn to kill them at home again, or is everyone's yard destined to become an old age home for elderly chickens once they stop laying?