Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Our high tech extraction methods:

We cut up some pantyhose and put it in the top of a steamer that fits over a pot. Then we put the rest of the pantyhose on our heads and over our faces. This helped us to pretend we were robbing banks and inspired some interpretive dancing. Then we kind of forgot we were wearing them and continued with the rest of our evening. Looks cute!

We cut the comb out of the frame and put it in the steamer where we broke it up using a wooden spoon.

The honey slowly dripped through the hose and through the steamer into the pot below. All of the wax was caught by the hose, leaving us lovely honey below.

Once it had all dripped though I put it in containers.

Here it is!

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Jayme said...

Dear Bank Robbers......beautiful results!