Saturday, April 18, 2009

Other People's Trees

Rosalie's friend had to cut down an old lemon tree and gave her pounds and pounds of lemons. But she was going out of town before she could use them all, so she gave them to us!

I am in the process of making an obscene amount of marmalade and today for tea time Jonathan made lemon bars!

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Jayme said...

Oh, so lemony!!

We just got home from birthday dinner at a snazzy place way out on Chuckanut Drive: blood orange cheesecake w. pistachio crust for dessert!

We were hankering for more teacher stories from you, the "She said 'So'" one of a few years ago!

And Jonx, we were remembering all your unique friends from grade school: Johnny Wilson, Mocha, Ellen, ...........

Loving you Two! J. & D.