Saturday, October 25, 2008

Daily harvest - honey!

This afternoon Kim and I opened the hive and had a look around. I have been getting kind of freaked by the bees reciently and really wanted to be calm and lovely with them today.
The bees really understand intention and good energy and when I was peacefully going about my work of rooting through their home with my sharp metal tool they rose up, clung to my shirt and stung their little hearts out. Damn. Maybe next time I will get over my little bee phobia.
We removed a drone frame and cut out some honey comb. The hive is still too new to really harvest the honey, but every month or so we can get a little sample. It is always a little different because of what is in bloom in our neighborhood.
This time tasted darker than before and a I thought it had a little bit of that stinky taste of buckwheat honey.
We put the cut honey comb into a funnel with cheese cloth, mash it up and then wait.


yomama said...

Oh! The comb is beautiful with the light coming through it.

Did the bees just sting you? Or did they go after Kim, too?
Do you put baking soda or Basic H on the stings?
How the heck do you get rid of the stinging & attendant phobia???

yomama said...

PS By mistake I enlarged the first foto of you & Kim & the honey. The blacks & browns & golds & reflection in the counter top.........gorgeous!