Monday, October 6, 2008

Daily Harvest

I keep thinking that the tomatoes are almost done tomato-ing. Then I go out, just to grab a few for a salad, and I can't stop picking! To get a sense of the size of our tomato issue, look at the picture below that I took with my hand for scale with two of the larger tomatoes. Or look at how tiny the eggs look above! I wonder what percentage tomato I am. I am going to start washing and slicing and roasting right now!

Two of the larger tomatoes with hand for scale!

1 comment:

yomama said...

Hi Kate & Jonx!

Your tomatoes are soooooooooo tomatoey!
Autumnal, too.
Do you give off a tomatoey whiff as you walk by?
If so, then I probably give off an applish one as our two trees are gradually letting go, & mounds of apples collecting on our deck.

xoxoxox Yomama