Sunday, October 19, 2008

Other people's trees

Today we went to Sebastopol with Rosalie to see her mom, Nora, who had just opened a show of her art. We spent the afternoon picnic-ing in her lush garden, looking at her paintings, and then ended our trip by picking pears and grapes from her home orchard.

Recently Nora has been making a series of intricate puppets, and then making paintings based on them. My favorite puppet was a regal, ancient looking owl who seemed to be dressed in royal robes. Jonathan and I both loved her cephalopod painting which was full of tentacles and waves and in the middle had these very human eyes staring at you from out of a squid.

The grapes are mostly purple Concords with a couple of white Concords, which I had never had before. Nora has no idea what kind of pears these are, but they do very well there, and are tasty, so she is trying to find out. Any leads on pear identification would be appreciated!

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yomama said...


It is sooo fun reading your bloggy bits! Nora's puppet/painting show sounds intriguing. I am currently trying to empty out my studio enough that I can think again about making art.
Pears: our two trees each make two kinds of pears.....hard green ones that fall early, good to cook up; & sweet yellow ones that I think are bartletts......totally yummmy.
The ones in your foto look barlettish.