Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh well, I'll try leaving a post here, what the heck!
Did it work?!

xoxoxoox Jayme


yomama said...

I am soooo jazzzed!
I can see that my glorious posts are staying put & that you get to read them!
I was being so easily confused & intimidated by the irrelevant words below this box "Choose an identity" "Use a different account"
Who are they to tell me what to do in such important matters, anyway????

Jonathan said...

AND, there isn't as much to post right now. The days are short and things are growing slowly.

Although we're not getting that much food from the yard right now I have been firing ceramics in the back yard! Does that count as a harvest? I think that I have finally learned some things about how to get the results I want and I am so excited!

I want to know how you photograph your ceramics- I am getting some stuff I really like and would love to have pictures of them.