Monday, February 16, 2009

backyard bird list

Here are the birds we've seen in the backyard. Each bird name links to info about that species- photos, sounds, etc.

black phoebe
flycatches by the compost, very common in summer

ruby-crowned kinglet
just seen a couple times in the avocado tree

yellow rumped warbler
came through in the fall, also interested in compost bugs


one sings a very good imitation of the neighbor's car alarm- really!

last spring a pair raised babies in a bird house in the avocado tree

white-crowned sparrow
big flocks come and eat spilled chicken food

house finch

house sparrow

anna's hummingbird
loves the mexican sage flowers and has a certain twig on the avocado tree it likes



sharp-shinned hawk
I saw one on the quail coop, although it may have been a cooper's hawk

bullock's oriole
just once- exciting!

brewer's blackbird

mourning dove

hairy woodpecker



california towhee
our most common visitor

1 comment:

Jayme said...

Hi Jonx & Kate!

I can't believe how many days of your blog I've missed........time flying! Lovely lovely eggs.
And all those birds! Since I stopped putting out sunflower seeds, our birs visitors have dropped to chickadees, towhees, nuthatches, Stellar jays, crows, & the neighborhood Coopers Hawk..... oh & a herd of juncos. OH......& a very melodious song sparrow + some house finches, also singing alot.

MOre anon! Mmoo