Saturday, February 7, 2009

Daily Dinner

Los Strawberitos ( Jonathan's basketball team, and their loved ones, came over for a pasta making/eating party. Abbey taught authentic Italian thumb-rolling-of-pasta technique. Everyone ate vast quantities. The pasta was made with 10 eggs from the ladies in the backyard. The tomato sauce was from frozen summer tomatoes with herbs and garlic. The salad had arugula, cilantro, and other herbs, and homemade vinegar dressing.

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Jayme said...

This looks like alot of FUN! FoodFun. Maybe it'll inspire DCurley to corral his geezer basketball friends & loveds for an evening. Jonx suggests we send you fotos of what's growing in our Bham yard as the year goes along. Right now: frost & moss. The deer & robins ate alllll the crabapples leaving a matt of crabapple bits a few months....100's of baby crabapple trees. The Halloween pumpkins finally rotted & sagged & spewed their seeds about themselves for the crows & bluejays. D. lopped off the lower big branches of the once-was-a-Xmas-tree fir so we can see out again. Pruned some of the fruit trees while a little buck with 1 askew antler stood by nibbling cedar boughs & picking apples off my hand.
So fun to see you all this weekend!