Saturday, July 10, 2010

Daily Harvest

We finally got some beets to grow!! On our previous attempts the leaves would get a few inches big then shrivel up and turn yellow and stop growing. These are doing well (knock on wood) enough that we had to thin them. Yum.


Jayme said...

hi jonx
+ kate
typing w 1 finger while bouncing Fin in front of cmptr hoping 4 somnolence on his part. but o no eyes popped open & making smacking sounds which doesn't bode well 4 his mama's nap needs after busy nite! maybe if i covered him in a heap of yr lovely beet greens he'd nod off significantly. or perhaps some breastmilk will trickle through the ceiling w/o waking Shona??? could be i'm nodding offfff here myself?????
xoxoxo j

Jayme said...

Dear Jonx & Kate!

Spoooo fun to spend the day w. you two yesterday!
You picked The Best Spot for Fia.....will send fotos once we get home.
I enjoyed talking w. Carlos & meeting Buffy & am happy to know yet more of your great circle of friends.

In contrast to my last post......both kids are sound asleep, the laundry's all done & folded, we've had tea with another friend of Sho's here in the midst of

xoxoxoxox Yo M.