Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bee Swarm!

When Jonathan had the day off on Friday he noticed a crazy event: our bees swarmed! Hopefully he will write about it.

Kim and I opened the hive on Saturday to see what was going on.

We found: one FULL honey super (each frame is maybe 5 pounds of honey, and there are nine frames) and a LOT of bees. How can there still be so many after half of them already took off?

We poked around a little bit, and here is some of what we saw.

They are looking healthy and invigorated! They were also very understanding and gentle. It was so amazing to see them again.

1 comment:

Jayme said...

This is just so completely magical!
I can't believe you have this golden community in your backyard!
I am determined to swallow my singing shyness & sing you the bee song that's on your prayer flags. It may sound frightful, but I do love it. (I'll need the music.... it's complicated).

Our Co-op had a full page bee article with lovely golden pictures. It said there's a nasty pesticide neurotoxin that makes the bees forget where they live. If we lose all our bees, we'll lose all our plants, & all our sorry selves.

xoxoxoxo J.