Monday, March 30, 2009

Signs of Spring

There are flowers blooming, tiny avocados forming. And the other day I witnessed an amazing spring phenomena- honey bees swarming! First, I thought, "boy, the bees sure are active today." Then, suddenly there were thousands, maybe tens of thousands of bees all circling above our yard- a huge vibrating, humming column. It freaked out the neighbors. I called Kim, and she asked me to try to see where they landed so she could catch them and start a new hive with them. They seemed to be congregating near a branch of the avocado tree. Soon I could see them starting to form a ball on the branch. I called Kim to tell her, but then when I looked back a couple of minutes later, the bees were gone. I hope they found a good home.


Jayme said...

So beautiful.....& hopeful!
Coming home from singing in the twilight tonight I hear a frog chorus....ahhhhh.
Papa D. has driven across the state & landed in Spokane & when we talked was searching for edible food in a mall (yikes). He had seen Horned Larks at Rye Grass Hill in the afternoon! The bird book says they flock with Lapland Larkspurs & Snow maybe he'll see those on his drive home.
I'm so happy your bees are thriving. Scary news re hives collapsing in our co-op newsletter & on NPR. Maybe some neurotoxin we fling out into the environment.

On a happier note: our rhubarb is unfurling, red currant blooming & visited by hummingbirds, the first azelea blooming, & swamp lanterns in all the boggy places!

xoxoxoox Yo Ma

PS any more Parker Harbor news?

Kate said...

Hi Mama!

Oh man, I love to hear frogs. We now have sticky monkey flowers blooming in the front yard.

Kate said...

This is actually kate, the other post was Jonathan. I just have to say that I took an amazing photo of that bee. I can't get over myself!