Sunday, March 29, 2009

Daily Harvest

There was so much honey in the super, that we took one frame. We didn't take all of it, because Kim wanted to experiment with using the honey as a queen excluder. She took off the excluder before we closed up the hive. We'll see if we get larvae in the honey now!

Something interesting about this frame of honey is that you can see where the bees gorged themselves on honey before they swarmed.

Here is the capped honey. The bees cap it when it is finished. The super should have been full of capped honey.

Here is a close up on that mark that you can see on the full frame. The honey has been uncapped, and the cells have been completely cleaned out! When the bees swarm they gorge themselves on honey so that they have enough food to spend the next couple of days looking for a new home, without eating.
Gorging themselves also stimulates wax production, so they will be ready to rebuild as quickly as possible when they find their new home.

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Jayme said...

Don't you just wonder where their new home is?!
Good lord that stuff looks so yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy.