Monday, August 10, 2009

Chicken Poop

Our chickens eat glass.
I'm sure our chickens aren't alone in this. I'm sure this is something common to urban chickens.
They also eat small rocks that collect in their gizzards. These rocks grind up their food, similar to what our teeth do for us.
I think that they are eating the glass for the same purpose that they eat rocks: to grind their food. The glass is no match for the rocks though. When our chickens poop it back out again the result looks like beach glass.

This photo is of one chicken poop after the poop has gotten washed away. There are a couple of tiny rocks, some sand, but mostly ground up glass.


Jonathan said...

click on this photo to enlarge it and see the chicken poo glass better!

Jayme said...

Oh, that is very neat!
The chickens do NOT get scratched up inside, but the glass does.

Haley's Comet said...

Jonathan, Jayme, and Kate,

Your blog is a lot of fun to read. I came across it when I added locavore and sustainability to my blog keywords.

I am using my blog this summer to record the progress of my urban farm. Feel free to visit mine, too: