Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Daily Barter

We have and on going excess of eggs these days. We have been working of turning the eggs into other products that we do not have and aren't making.

Andrea, Jonathan's friend from middle school, read The Omnivore's Dilemma. It convinced her that there are no ethical eggs commercially available to her. She has also started making her own yogurt. This is perfect! I love yogurt! I hate buying things!

Wednesday evening she came by with two quarts of yogurt in exchange for a dozen eggs. It is delicious! I have taken it to school for lunch, we have put it on our pancakes spread with marmalade, we used it to make cucumber salad with the first cucumber of the season.

She made it with organic whole Straus milk that comes in those lovely glass bottles.

Thank you Andrea!

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Jayme said...

Good exchange.
Yay Andrea!

Today I joined the 3 other musicians from our 3-sticks-&-a-board concert last month for a celebratory picnic. We met at Lorraine's house which they built way up on a super-steep forested lakeside bank with a switch-backed trail down to the lake. Her kids were in school. So us 4 ladies accompanied by a lab pooch carried delicacies down to the dock, spread a lace tablecloth on the little round table, put up a big umbrella because it was soooo HOT & BEAUTIFUL (I see it's 53 degrees in Berkeley?!). We'd brought local fruit, exotic fruit, cucumber sandwiches w/o the crusts, & homemade scone with wild strawberries in them........& ate it all with whipped cream...... & told stories of when we were young.
A blissful two hours. Then we had to go, before I even got organized to have a swim!