Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wheel Barrow!

This is kind of old news, but once we finally got a shed I could get a wheel barrow and not have it sit out in the rain for it's whole life!

Over my spring break I finished moving our famous and well established giant pile of mulch out of our drive way, one barrow full at a time. Our paths are now all dug out and filled with wood chips.

The wheel barrow is so handy! I can fill it with weeds and then just wheel them all over to the compost heap. I can leave the weeds in it and create chicken fun land. I can wheel my chickens around in it. If I still had more mulch to move I could continue to move it around. I can move manure, compost and other garden dirt essentials from place to place. I enjoyed borrowing the wheel barrow from the tool lending library, but I'm really enjoying having my own!

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Jayme said...

You forgot to mention that you could invite guests to collapse in comfort into your full wheelbarrow & be wheeled around on a tour of your garden. are the bees?
No mention of bees for days & days.
Our gardens up here have gone right over the top with all this out-of-season sunshine. There are so many blossoms in our yard.... wild roses, domestic roses, yellow oniony things, peonies, poppies so huge they're falling over, a tal tree covered in little white waxy fragrant bells that move in the slightest wind so I can't get a good foto of them, rhodies......on & on..........& the bees are in some sort of ecstasy tumbling around inside the polleny crevices. They appear drunk! so many kinds of bees. And now butterflies. And a resident pair of hummingbirds.