Monday, June 1, 2009

Daily Harvest

I am so excited to be eating raspberries!

This is the first harvest this year of ground cherries!

The love in a mist is all starting to bloom around the edges of the yard. It is so beautiful! It doesn't seem to attract bees, but it does make me think of the dreamy water color illustrations of the children's book Carrie Hepple's Garden. The children sneak into a reclusive neighbor's garden at night and the garden is mesmerizingly beautiful but also unknown and threatening. I think that Carrie Hepple grew love in a mist.

It also makes me think of the story my friend tells of going to the garden store with her house mate and trying to decide which flowers to buy. She couldn't figure out why he rejected her suggestion of love in a mist until it came out later that he had understood her to be saying "love enemas."


Jayme said...

Hi Kate & Jonx!
Are those little ground cherries on the right of this pic?
It all looks so voluptuous!

Kate said...

The ground cherries are little fruits inside little papery lanterns. They are to the bottom right of the picture. We should take a picture of one that has been opened, so you can see the orange fruit!