Friday, June 5, 2009

Daily Dinner

I love shelling fava beans. We eat them during such a short time of year that the novelty doesn't wear off for me. All season long I enjoy looking at the funny shapes of the beans and I never stop being impressed by how mammalian the insides of the pods are. I love to sit at the counter of our kitchen while Jonathan makes dinner and do something marginally helpful that feels like I'm playing. I like the fava bean photos because I like to see how much matter will go into the compost for the amount of food we will receive. Lots of matter!

I think this is an unattractive photo of me, but Jonathan likes it.

Jonathan thinks that this is an unattractive photo of him, but I like it.

And if we posted neither photo there would be no record of this garden dinner!

Favas and peas with lots of herbs over cous cous (not from the yard!) with cucumber yogurt salad. This is the first cucumber of the summer for us! The yogurt was from Andrea.

Thanks Andrea!


Jayme said...

I love you both, & those fotos remind me of you & your lovely energy which makes you both completely attractive!
But of course, a judicious amount of very lovely makeup would enhance both of your lovelinesses, don't you think?

xoxoxoox from makeupless me

Kate said...

So true!

Has Jonathan told you how much your birthday gift has changed my life style? Who knew that that was what my life was missing?

Kate said...

PS jayme, look at my photo on May 26th. does my look look familiar to you?