Thursday, October 15, 2009


We can have the chickens out and about a lot more now. The summer crops are about done and the winter greens are big enough that the chickens can't kill them with one nibble or kick. Run around ladies!


Jayme said...

I have a feeling that in the depths of my misspent youth there was a top 40 song called 'Run Around Sue'. By Dion. Any chance one of the ladies is Sue?
Passed my sell by date

Jayme said...

I am not Jayme. I have commandeered her computer. She has NO idea about Dion. Or Run around Sue.
Sell by

Jayme said...

Wait just a minute, here, sell-by, whoever you are. You can't just waltz in here & commmandeeeeer MY computer!
So what about Dion or Sue. Pooh.
Yo Mama