Friday, October 30, 2009

Daily Drink

We made hot toddies with meyer lemons from our tree and honey from our bees. And whisky.


Jayme said...

Is it cold enough for hot toddies there? I associate the idea with toes frozen by ice skating & thick steamy wooolen sweaters.
Which we are somewhat believably approaching up here. Frost on rooftops once this last week. The young deer in thick coats; cats, too. Mr. investigating-the-bird-
feeder-but-harrassed-by-Rosy Squirrel, too.

Jonathan said...

Now it's hot, but a week ago we were having cold crisp fall nights.

Jacqueline Barber said...

Your bees?? I thought I was following, diligently, but I somehow don't know about the bees!