Monday, October 12, 2009

Daily Harvest


Jayme said...

Hi Jonx & Kate!

Awesome harvest, you two!
Up here we're having a wierdly tropical day.....up to 70 degrees midday....moist/wet/gray.
Yesterday I pulled down all our old snap pea vines; dug the few potatoes that grew in our rock-hard, pathetic soil; picked raspberries. Today I got most of the pole beans the deer missed. A few blackberries on a walk..... me & the song sparrows scavenging them. The trees & bushes are flaming colors....really spectacular! Our egg lady's chickens have thrown in the towel for the winter. Do your ladies keep on laying through the winter?

Adios!! Yo M

Jonathan said...

Hi Mama,
ONE of our chickens is laying like a champ. 2 are molting and one has given up forever and is stew-pot bound, we think.

Fall sounds lovely up there.