Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Daily Harvest

I made greek salad with these greens, tomatoes, mint, oregano, and lemon verbena plus feta, olives, and red onion from the store.


kathyrice said...

i like this picture- glowing salad!! miss you guys.

Jayme said...

What beautiful lighting in this foto. What delectable greeeenness.
Today up here it's wet & red/golden/orange/russet/green.... autumn. The deer are fat & are getting thick coats. The fawns are looking sturdy. The winter birds have come down from the north or from the mountains & are checking out our yards for food. Pretty soon I'll buy seed for them, making them into "welfare birds" as D. calls them........but as an ecosystem, we've replaced most of their regular habitat with ornamental b.s. plants, so I feel fine about the seed.
Your chickens look happy about being outside!