Thursday, January 21, 2010


lemon marmalade!


Jayme said...

Where are the neighbors?
Yo Ma

iwant2sail said...

Oh that looks good. Can you post your recipe? Please.

Kate said...

Thanks for the request!
I love this recipe, it comes from my aunt, and I just modify it for any citrus I have.

Day 1 Slice all of your fruit as thin as you can. Put the slices in a non reactive bowl (ceramic or glass) and cover them with water. Let it all sit.

Day 2 Put fruit and water in a pot and boil for half an hour. Let it all sit

Day 3 Measure the quantity of stuff you have in pot. The original recipe call for using equal parts sugar and fruit, but I can't deal with that. I try to add as little as I can and still get it to gell. In these photos I was using Eureka lemons which are really sour. For each 7 cups of fruit I added 5 cups of sugar. For Meyer lemons I use less. I think over one half if you want it to set.
Then you boil all of it stirring occasionally for a LONG time. Periodically you can put a little bit on a saucer and put it in your freezer. If it is ready to can it will set in the freezer.
Don't get impatient or you will have jars and jars of canned lemonade!
Once it is setting in the freezer you can start canning.
Do you know how to can?