Monday, January 25, 2010

Daily Snack

Lemon poppyseed cake with lemons from the neighbor and eggs from the chickens.


Jayme said...

Have you saved me some?
Or maybe I need to make some?
ZDee's 65th bday is Friday & I've ordered a monsterly chocolate oink-cake from the Coop for our party!
I'm planning to introduce your great game from Xmas of filling hat with kinds of memories, drawing one, telling stories!! Loverly. Think I'll also get people to bring their yearbooks & a few historical fotos of selves.

xoxoxoxoox Your Mothah

Jayme said...

Sooooo, it's already Feb. 7th & I thought I could catch up with you guys here........but....hiatus! What's going on?

D. gave his Afghanistan talk....ex-cellent! We celebrated his birthday with friends. I played my flute at church....first time in public since cinco de mayo 2009,
& my wrist aches, but it was worth it!
Did you get some Xmas fotos via Shutterfly from me?

Adios!! J.