Sunday, January 31, 2010


We ate Dr. Wanda. She had pretty much stopped laying eggs. Plus she was mean to the other chickens, and she sometimes ate their eggs. And, we've been thinking for awhile that we should learn to slaughter animals since we sometimes eat meat. It seems like we should be able to face the idea that meat used to be alive. We had a lot of help, especially from Roxanne. The internet taught us a bunch- for example how to hypnotize a chicken (hold chicken upside-down, draw a line in the dirt moving away from its face-see photo below- nice work Robin). It was much more peaceful than what we had expected. Dr. Wanda stayed totally still and calm as we cut her throat. I held her as she bled and died. After we dipped her body in hot water, the feathers came out very easily. Supposedly this is a sign of a calm, non-traumatic death. Thanks Dr. Wanda.

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Jayme said...

Oh, Jonathan & Kate.
What a moment.
I am hugely impressed, & very grateful for the story.