Monday, November 24, 2008

Daily Dinner

More venison from Bob. Hooray for Bob! He is hunting in South Carolina this week, and we are rooting for him. Also mustard greens steamed with thyme and oregano, and sweet potato quesadillas. I wish we could grow sweet potatoes...


yomama said...

Now I really want some of Bob's venison.
Even tho I cherish the big sleek deer in our yard & would never consider them dinner.

oops gotta go!

Whatever has become of the two quailing quail?

Kate said...

They are still in the recycling bin inside our house. I'm nervous to put them out and am not too excited about eatting them, so we are in a stale mate.
I went by my friend Jim's house on the way home from work today to ask if he wanted my quail to join his quail (or if he would mind if they did.) He wasn't there, but I peeked around his yard and noticed that his quail pen was... empty!
Quail = probably a bad idea.